Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice Medal

For over 25 years, Galilee Center founders Gloria and Claudia have been dedicated to fulfilling the needs of migrant workers, impoverished families, and the homeless by providing food, clothing, toys, shelter, and other necessities. These two amazing women founded Martha’s Village and Kitchen, one of the largest shelters of the Coachella Valley. After 20 years of service, they felt the need to leave and begin anew. They started the Galilee Center in 2010 by handing out donated goods under a tree, and today it has expanded into two Thrift Stores, a Thursday food donation that helps over 300 families weekly, free hot meals, a cooling center for hot days, free laundry and shower facilities, an emergency overnight shelter, and emergency services. The Galilee Center looks to the future with your overwhelming support and donations to enhance and augment their current services.

Gloria and Claudia were given the Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice Medal, which is the highest award that a non-clergy person can receive from the Pope. We are so honored by Pope Francis and Bishop Barnes at the Diocese of San Bernardino for this Medal, and grateful that we can serve our community!

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